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**betta australis september betta show**

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Betta Australis is Proud to Announce the 2012 Betta Show...


Division A: Halfmoon Single Tail

A1. Red STM (Dark and Light Body)

A2. Black STM

A3. Dark Iridescent STM

A4. Light Solid Color STM

A5. Patterned STM

A6. Metallic Dark STM

A7. Metallic Light STM

Division B: Halfmoon Doubletail

B1. Dark Solid Color DTM

B2. Light Solid Color DTM

B3. Patterned DTM

B4. Metallic Dark/Light DTM

Division C: Crowntail Single Tail

C1. Red/Black CTM

C2. Dark Iridescent CTM

C3. Light Solid CTM

C4. Patterned CTM

C5. Black Orchid CTM

C6. Metallic Dark CTM

C7. Metallic Light CTM

Division D: Shortfin Single Tail

D1. Red STM Show Plakat

D2. Black STM Show Plakat

D3. Blue STM Show Plakat

D4. Steel STM Show Plakat

D5. Green/Turquoise STM Show Plakat

D6. Light Solid Color Show Plakat

D7. Bicolor/Butterfly STM Show Plakat

D8. Marble/Grizzled/Multicolor STM Show Plakat

D9. Metallic Dark STM Show Plakat

D10. Metallic Light STM Show Plakat

D11. Halfmoon Shortfin

Best in Class - Certificate + Small Prize from Sponsor

Division Awards:First - $25 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Second - $15 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Third - $10 Prizemoney, Certificate and Ribbon

Division A-D Winners compete for BOS & RBOS

BOS - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy, Certificate and Sash

RBOS - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy, Certificate and Sash

Division E: Breeders Division

E1. Color or Form Variations - (eg DT Plakat, DT CT, Crown plakat, Dumbo, Veiltail etc)

E2. Form and Finnage - (exceptional form fish which does not comply to any colour class eg purple, dalamatian, half black etc. What is generally known as AOC Emphasis is strongly on the FORM, not COLOUR

E3. Pairs - (Match spawn siblings)

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs

F1. Bubble-nesters (small )

F2. Bubble-nesters (medium/large)

F3. Mouth-brooders ( small)

F4. Mouth-brooders (large)

Division G: Optional Classes

G1. Photography

G2. Illustration

G3. Crafts

Division H: Female Classes

H1. Solid Color HM/Plakat Female

H2. Patterned HM/Plakat Female

H3. Solid Color CT Female

H4. Patterned CT Female

Division I: Temporary Classes

I1. Traditional Plakat

I2. Giant Plakat

Division Awards:First - $25 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Second - $15 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Third - $10 Prizemoney, Certificate and Ribbon

Not eligible to compete for BOS

Any class with less than 3 entries will be combined

a/ Entries to be either filled out online, posted to "The Secretary" Betta Australis Inc. 55 Capella Streel Coorparoo 4151, emailed to enquiries@bettaaustralis.com or phoned to Jarrod Nielsen on 0419 828 084

b/ Entry Fee is $5.00 per nominated entry.

c/ Entries close 5pm Wednesday 5th September 2012, late entries may not be accepted due to space.

d/ Entry Fee must accompany the Entry Form. Cheques to be made payable to Betta Australis Inc. Direct deposit details can be supplied upon request.

e/ Entries may be installed from Friday 7th September 2012 between 5.00pm and 10.00pm, Saturday 8th September 2012 between 8.00am and 11.00am in the WD Williamson Pavilion.

f/ Hands out of entries at 11.00am Saturday 8th September 2012 and judging will be Saturday 8th September 2012 at 12.00pm.

g/ Equipment supplied includes - beanie boxes, stands, lights, Heating cords, power supply and air supply.

h/ All bettas excluding the Veiltail class will be judged in accordance with IBC judging criteria. Veiltail class will be judged using the Bettas4All Veiltail Show Standard

i/ Entries to be removed between 1.00pm and 4.00pm Sunday 9th September 2012.

j/ All care is taken with entries, but Betta Australis accept no responsibility for any loss or damages incured.

k/ Stewards collective decision is final.

l/ A copy of the rules and standards will be available upon request at all times.

m/ All entries must be displayed in supplied container, NO free standing entries admitted.

n/ Fishchick Aquatics will be accepting local and shipped entries on Thursday 6th September and Friday 7th September only. If shipping/dropping fish off, please ensure fish arrive on those days only.

Entry Forms will be available from Wednesday 25th July

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