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My Cuckoo Cats first spawn.

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Well after paying my fishes more attention my cuckoos have spawned.

I'm very new to these fish so learning as i go with them.

I stripped 3 female crimson tide hosts.

One had just crimson tide fry free swimming. (Cuckoos must of been distracted and missed the spawn.)

Second one had a couple of crimson tide fry and 7 cuckoo cat fry.

Third one had eggs. Normal african looking eggs then some were a yellow clear sort of colour. (I'm guessing maybe catfish eggs.)

Free swimmers are now in a fry saver.

The others are in seperate tumblers.

I did leave a few fry in with the cuckoos.

So now i need to know what i need to feed them on for the start of their life. Is brine shrimp ok or do they need something special.

How many do people normally get per mouthful ??

The crimson are only around the 8 to 12 cm mark i spose.

Would i expect more with bigger female hosts ??

Cheers JP =)

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Well a bit of an update.

My first 5 are going great growing and eating lots.

I have another 6 fry growing now as well.

I also have about 17 odd eggs in a tumbler which have all sprouted tails.

So i have worked out that the longer you leave the host female hold the less cuckoos you get.

I set the tumbler for ultra slow after losing the vc10 eggs and craigo telling me to set ultra slow tumble speed.

So things are looking pretty good on the cuckoo front.


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