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DIY Pine Stand for 3ft tank

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Hi all,

Had a bit of spare time recently (due to shutting down my 8ft display and now having no fishies left). I have set up an old 3 ft tank with two sponge filters just to keep my Anubias alive until I eventually get another display setup. I am guessing that will be close to 12 months away...

Anyway, I was in need of a stand for this tank so decided to build my own. After reading lots of articles on the net, I decided on a basic, sturdy design and went for it. I used construction grade pine (MGP10) in 90mm x 35mm size. The total cost for timber was $26.40.

I'll add some pics to show the rough stages. Please keep in mind, this stand build was more a conceptual practice run for when I get my next display. I didn't bother with a really nice finish or filling in screw holes etc. It was the construction and design functionality I was looking at.

I intend to use this same design for my 6x3Wx2 when I eventually get it. However, I'll include another vertical support (front and back) at the midpoint of the stands length.

Anyway, pics to follow...

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Firstly I cut the timber into my required lengths (thanks to my Dad for the lend of his radial arm saw). Second step was to fasten relevant pieces to form a bottom and top frame (these are the same size but look different due to the perspective in the photo). Third, I installed "screw strips" which are simply fastening pieces used to connect the top and bottom frames at the relevant spacing to start. These screw strips are not flush with the top and bottom edges, as they are not there to support any weight. They are merely for fastening.




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Once all the corner supports were in, I added a cross brace at the top midline and the basic construction was complete. Next I used up a little left over sealer/undercoat I had in the shed, then gave it a few coats of matte black to finish it off. As I said, I didn't worry about the finish as it's only got my Anubias plants and a few native shrimp in there... it just had to be non-feral enough for Carlie to let me have it in the house :)






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