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Discus sinking to bottom, Facing Straight downwards, Not eating. HELP

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Hey, I havnt been on here for while, so im sorry if i do something wrong..

My dad has discus and he has breed them and looked after them for years. His current tank full of Discus, have been for a bout 4 months now.. Not eating, sunken bellys, breathing heavily, 2 of them are facing downwards, breathing in sand.. one Blue Turq full size.. the other not sure of type.. its orange. Anyways. He now has a baby leopard thats copying but its facing upwards, sucking air from time to time, its belly is fully sunken, and below its eyes is now sunken. Im afraid they are going to die.

He treated them all with everything avaliable, he got to the stage, of poking a needle into them to release the 'air' which they had apparently swallowed through his air stone.. He has atached a sinker to one of them to get it swimming upright (this was when there was only one that was doing this).. and it helped it ate food, started pooing, swiming normally.. then the sinker fell out and my dad couldnt be bothered to put it back in..

Its now come to.. fish are being fed and thats it. No medication..No weekly water change.

What should I do? The fish are in the loungeroom right beside his chair.. and he is doing nothing! I cant bare to be in the loungeroom anymore, because all you see is a load of sick fish..

Has anyone else had discus that just all of a sudden turn downwards or upwards.. they are still straight.. but they re facing either upwards or downwards..

Any tips would be kindy appreciated.

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water parametres? food? tank size? filtration? And also when was the last water change? Discus like them at least twice a week...

Hard to know what to do with out this info.

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Pictures by BristlenoseGirl - Photobucket Heres a link to the photos. The first 12 photos are of the problem fish NOW.


Problem Fish (Yellow) Blue one isnt doing it as much, just every now and then..


Yellow Fish, SUnken belly, usually sucking air..

Okay so here the results:

Ph: (In the photo.. i couldnt find the result sheetie thingy)

Ammonia: 2.00

Nirtate: 10- 20 (I would say 15.. but its not on the chart)

Nitrite: 0ppm

Size of tank: 4x2x2

Temperture: 27.6C

Been Running for 4-5yrs

Filtration: 2 external canister filters (1 with UV light which is on) 1 Air Stone Curtain.

Fish in Tank: 8 Discus, 4-5 BN peppermint Catfish

Plants in Tank: sword plants, and Thin Vale.

Feeding: Discus Granuals + frozen blood worms.

Last water change: 2 days ago. 50% water change

He started talking to me again...

He said he thinks its a bacterial because its affecting the rest of the fish.

Thats.. probably all the information I can give :D

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I would say bump temp to 31C over 1-2 days. This would get there metabolism going so hopfully they will feed, and if you can make some beef heart frozen food with metronide in it that would help alot if they have worms. And pm sent also.

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Okay Update on the Fishies...

Dad took them to a Vet :D Thanks to Big Brock :D You were sooo good at perswading him/giving him the info he needed.

Anways Results are in.

They have.

- Gill Fluke

- Costia

- White Spot.

And there are still remaining tests to be done.. so we are getting another call tommorow...

WE recon its from the bird poop on the shed which we get our rainwater from.. :(

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Okay. Yellow one (Used to be orange) Died..

We did a condies Crystals bath (of the whole tank) They were meant to be dipped but dad did whole tank. 10mg/L. Fish are looking alot better now. But the Little Yellow ones, body just gave up. The Condies crystals are meant to be dosed once a week for 3 weeks. (To get rid of Body flukes, and gill flukes).

After the 3 weeks are up dads going to then go on with the Big L wormer.. To get rid of the worms..

We froze the yellow (Orange) one, and sent it to the vets for an autopsy.. the results were roundworms - ALOT in the gut of the fish.

So thats the update.. so far. Still a long way to go.. they still are not upright. but they are looking ALOT better. and ALL are eating!

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