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Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ test tank

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so i though i would share a video with you all showing a tank that i set up using only the "Bee shrimp mineral GH+" with RO water. mixed with an EC value of 200 as per mixing instructions on the bottles.

This tank was set up only for testing this product as i do with all my products.

The tank was filled with ro and mineral and shrimp added.

(and yes the tank was cycled of coarse)

after 10 weeks with 5 females.

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thanks Sarah

i was very surprised myself by just how good this mineral works. it is now being used in all my tanks.

well one side of my room has the "bee shrimp mineral GH+" this has all my taibee and crystals in it

and the other side of my room has the "Sulawesi mineral 7.5" which is perfect for all cherry shrimp and has had the exact same effect on them.

i wish we had this mineral when i first started keeping shrimp :) i would have billions by now :)

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