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Thought I could post some updated pics here, instead of putting in my "new members post" thread.

Anyways, have finished about half of the tanks on my stand. I have in total 11 1 foot cube tanks. I will probably have 7 or so on this stand along with a number of 2 foot tanks (6) and another 1.25-1.5 foot tank, including a 4 foot sump. After I finish this I will probably make another stand for a few more 2 foot tanks I have (I think I have another 20 or so lol) and maybe utilise the 4 foot tanks somewhere as well.....so someone needs to tell the fish to start breeding very quickly!

I was lucky enough to have some babies come along when I was away (endlers) and I still have 5 or so left after they had a slight feast. In the stand currently is about 40-50 fish, which include; Endlers, Guppies, Platies and 3 bristle nose cat fish. I also have another tank with 2larger bristles and a juvenile. My other tank, which I keep for a display tank has 4 guppies, 5 rosy tetras, 1 red tai shark, 1 bristle nose, 20 neon tetra and two baby platies....

I will probably just update this thread as I go....plenty more tanks to come, unless I go broke playing with cars at the same time lol.

Excuse the poor picture quality!

First pic is display tank I have (well display for myself to see) 2nd is the tank I have with two adult bristle nose and 1 juv the last pics or some of the breeding setup I am building (50%) complete!






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Yep working now and yep I'm jealous! Looks great:)


I might even go out soon and get what I need to finish it. Just need some more tubing and fittings etc. I also have to attach some more outlets for the return line "filters"

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I Finally have got to uploading some vids...The vids are actually a week or two old and I have since got another 3 tanks going on the stand.......BUT, It is too far to walk to get new vids right at this moment, plus there are stairs involved!!!

anyways here is two vids for now..I will just add more when I get them!

Got a fair few lil babies happening atm (maybe 50 or so Endlers and Japanese guppies + some Moscow blacks) so has been interesting since I am still setting it all up. I have not even opened my trolly full of goodies I bought from RPC on Ekka Wednesday yet! lol.

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Ok....Latest pic...Have got it 99% finished. Looks like there are no fish in it, but I just put the lights on for the photo. All up there would be about 300-350 fish in total, with half being babies! Oh and some cherry shrimp.

Also, I got bored this week and decided on another tank. I have only just started it so is a lil bare, But I am making it into another display tank, as my other display tank is......well, I got bored with it too. (no wonder I got no time left!)

So top pic is breeding stand and then after that is the new 4 foot tank I am making.



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