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F/S double 3ft system with sump

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For sale double 3 foot system with sump

This system is more suited to breeders than for display. Only selling as its not really suited to growing L number catfish.

This system includes:

- wooden stand. Made from structural pine and plywood, painted with clear marine varnish. Overall dimensions: 223cm tall, 110cm wide, 63cm deep.

- two 3ft tanks. Ok quality, some scratches, just really need a clean up as have some watermarks. Have lids but aren't perfectly fitting.

tank dimensions: 92cm wide by 52 by 52.

- sump with plastic bioballs. I've added glass panes to increase the amount of water the sump holds when the pump stopped, hence no overflowing. I've also removed the other media from the sump (used to run foam prefilters ect., but i'm keeping that).

Overall dimensions: 42cm high by 31cm deep by 62cm wide

- pump: pondmaster pump (from memory it is the mkII 3300 low voltage model)

- two aqua one heaters: from memory one is 100w, the other is 150w.

- a Eheim quick disconnect on the return pipe from the pump, paid $80 for it, makes it really easy to put a pipe brush up the hose to clean it.

All the water drainage pipes have been plumbed so they can be dismantled, e.g. I have used barrel unions and tank fittings (see pictures) so there will be no need to redo the plumbing if you buy this.

The system is still running and will only be shut down once a buyer is ready.

System is located at Warrell Creek, NSW. Will deliver free from Port Macquarie to Grafton, NSW. Contact me regarding delivery to either Brisbane or Sydney.

Selling as a complete system only.

Price is $500 including delivery to Brisbane. $350 if you pick it up. Will trade for fish, contact me to negotiate.




Contact via PM.

No time wasters, the system wont be put on hold or delivered until a non-refundable deposit is made, unless swapping for fish.

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