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First planted tank

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hi all

received a new aquaone 4ft tank tank recently, and looking to turn it into a nice room dividing planted tank. as its my first looking for approval and ideas

lighting-tank came with a hood that houses 3 3ft t8 bulbs, which im thinking of changing out to 4 t5 54w and led moonlight strip.

substrate-diy, propergating sand, blood &bone, marble chips, then top with black moon sand

looking to plant- a vareity of anubias, java ferns/moss, swords, wisteria, ambulia and val varieties.

dosing liquid ferts weekly, using rain water

after any comments tips or tricks to help me along and succeed hopefully. is the lighting fine how it is or should i change it?

cheers jacob

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Definitely wont need 4 x t5's for that tank. I run 2 t5's on my high light high tech planted and they are more than enough :D.

I would gather a bunch of inspiration pics of what you want to achieve and go from there. Decide if you want any rocks or driftwood in the scape too.

Keep us updated with progress and pics :D.

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well thats deffinately a bonus and if i want to go more high tech will upgrade later down the track. got an idea of what i want and what i need.

just making such i have the basics right first then go for it.

thank you for the help


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