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new led's for my native tank

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so i bought a 12 x 3w led kit off ebay just over a week ago from hong kong to try out after a few mixxed reveiws with alot of good and bad feedback just as will most name brand kits anyways got to fire it all up today and just so you guys all no it was about $120 landed after purchasing a 2nd heat sink and including postage(probs could have set it up alot cheaper but aye i dont mind having proper heatsinks ;)

anyways im happy so far heat sinks stay cool to the touch and i had them on for a good 6 hours without a fault(i also used the thermal adhesive from jaycar which has also worked a damn well treat

so any ways heres to setting up pictures of the unit(im going to building a canopy either tomorow arvo or sunday depending on how much free time i get from other things i have to do but i definatly need to noun them closer to the tank

here is the led's stuck onto the heatsinks(15 x 15 x 4cm)


i slowly cut and tinned all the wires and the chips the led's themselves were attatched to(mind you this was my first proper attempt at soldering aswell so im pretty happy with how i went with it its all run off one driver aswell and the kit came with a light dimming switch (i never bothered using it as i wasnt sure where to put it as the driver is rated from 80 to 250 volts or something so i just left it out ) i can always upgrade the driver later to one of tyher more bigger name branded ones but i think this set up will work just fine over my tank

here is the completed unit(keep in mind the driver is ip67 so it is splash proof ect so its fine to be above the tank for those who will bring it up that its able to be contacted with water)


il get some better pictures of how its soldered together and that later on when i put the hood together and il be hard mounting them to that

but im happy to help if any of you want some help with yours as i realised how easy it was to put together(couldnt beleive how quickly i had it all together and running!)

first run (these things are damn well bright!)


oh and for those curious there over a 4 x 18 x 20 250 litre tank right now thats gunna be aimed at having mostly stuff like anubias nana java moss and java fern later on il do crypts and some lugwigia(have some in the tank but to be honest i need ferts for them they dont look that great haha)

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