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Best place to get a divided 2 ft tank??

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Hi everyone

Does anyone know where I can get a divided 2 ft tank?

I really want to replace two of my current (20l) betta tanks with one larger divided tank but I'm not sure where to start looking. All my searches on the www have come up with nothing.

Due to my husband hating my tanks...LOL...I can't go any bigger than a 2ft. He'd freak if I bought another large tank into the house. ;) Not to mention I don't have room for anything larger, all the big spots have tanks in them. :)

Thinking along the lines of something that I can use two hang-on filters on. If it's the same size as my current 2ft then each side will have approx 40+ltr which will give the bettas more room to move.

Anyone know where I should start?


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It's very easy just grab a silocon gun from bunnings about $3-4, a tube of silocon, any will do just make sure its water potable go for around $4-10 and to split it just use glass should cost about $10 or bread crates from behind a bakery for free orrr crimsafe mesh works well pick an offcut up for about $10. Goodthing about using a mesh is one filter will do the whole tank.

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ASAP glass are money grabbing mongrel ripoff merchants.

Can you tell I don't like em lol

Go to a smaller owner operated glazier, they will be more likely to be willing to help without taking you to the cleaners.

Seriously, ASAP glass were 4 times the price of where I ended up getting some glass from.

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Hi Col,

I have sent you a PM with some details, but here is a 3ft divided tank I can sell you if you are interested... I know it is a little larger than the 2 ft you are chasing, but not by much :)

It is about 91 cm long x 46 cm (front to back) x 41 cm high.

Check the PM for further details. The paint is easily removed if you don't like it, and the tank will clean up a lot nicer than it looks at the moment. I had it outside, growing some plants in one half and some mosquito larvae in the other side.





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Dang! I wish I had the room for that extra foot Nige!! That's exactly what I'm looking for In a 2 ft.

Ash, I will keep that in mind when I go looking. ;)

I'm going to check out AOA, CF & Yip tomorrow at Browns Plains. See what they have available and what my options are. Just waiting on my tax return...LOL!! Wait, maybe I shouldn't wait for my tax, that could be dangerous... :o

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