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G'day fellow fish lovers,

Thought we'd better introduce ourselves. We have kept a variety of fish for a while now. We currently have a 6ft mixed tropical tank with a big old pleco we've had for around 10 years along with some gouramis, a mix of tetras, some panchax and a few angels. Our other tank is just for Oscar the Oscar. We are very imaginative when it comes to naming our fish! We recently lost our ghost knife we had for about 12 years. We went all out when we named him - Ghosty :) We have never bred fish although we did have a few batches of Krebensis back a while ago. They were great to watch with mum shuffling the youngsters around in front of her guarding them from young Ghosty.

We also keep snakes, blue tongues and turtles along with the rest of the pets.

Looking forward to learning from everyone here.

Cheers, Lewy and Sue

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Hi lewy and sue,

On behalf of Members & the Moderation Team welcome to QLDAF.

Here at QLDAF we have lots of different sections for you to look at, and a wide range of members keeping almost everything you can imagine,

we even have a section dedicated to reptiles which i look after, so if you need any help feel free to ask,

When you have the time please spend a minute to read the following; if you haven't already,



we look forward to you posting and joining in one of the best forums around,

if you need any help working out the forum, feel free to ask either myself or any one of the great moderating team


QLDAF Moderation Team.

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Isn't that good you get to cover fish and reptiles all in one. Sounds like you have some nice adult fish and doing well. Enjoy the forum Lewy n Sue and remember learning works two ways so look forward to your posts and your experiences as I am sure you would have some to share too and sure the clever people here will be happy to share theirs too.

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