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FS: Breeding Setup 6 tanks 1 sump

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SOLD!!!!!! Thanks for all the interest

FS is my 6 tank breeding setup hooked up to 1 sump

It is 6 x 2ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft tanks


Im just going to type everything I can see while sitting here looking at it:

Comes with sponge filters and 2 x air pumps to run them, you can choose between a 4 outlet one and the 8 outlet one depending on how many tanks you want to run(see picture)

All Plumbing for return and drainage. Each outlet is fitted with a tap so you can control the water to each tank.

Sump is FULL of bio balls and noodles as well as good quality sponge.

The hood has a lid all the way across the front and each tank has a lid

There are 2 x 4ft fluro's under the hood and middle compartment that can light all 6 tanks

All the tank returns have strainers fitted

Lower flaps are fitted with locks(stops children getting in)

Sump has the pine cover to make it fit in with the rest of the setup

Can throw in random stuff if you need it like nets and spare sponge, some heaters

Sump has a good pump more than capable for this setup (I have to run it restricted)

Sump has a heater

Cant really think of to much more but PM me if you want to know something. The pictures should explain it well.

Pickup weekdays after 4.30pm or arranged time




Looking for $650 for everything, PM me

Thanks Regy227

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