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Aquaponics, split a fingerling order?

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Looking for someone in the Brisbane area to split up an order of Jade Perch fingerlings sometime in the next month or two. I'm in the planning stages of my system, expect to have it built in the next month and cycled a few weeks after that.

Livefish sell a bulk buy of 25 jade perch fingerlings for $55. I only need 1/2 this amount but don't really want to pay $4 per fish plus freight or have to buy 50 fish from ausyfish.

Alternately, if enough people want some I'll do a 50 order from ausyfish instead.

Anyone else interested in jade perch for pond/aquaponics/tank? Alternately, anyone know good priced local sources for approx 12 jades?

EDIT: Ignore this, procull has solved all my problems! Yay!

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Thanks! Had a few suggestions for there now, and I work not far away so seems to be the best option! Now to collect all the bits and build it.

Looking for (if anyone can help):

Old IBC's

PVP piping of any age/condition as long as it's not broken or all full of holes

LECA, expanded clay balls (I'll buy this new, but any extra would be great!)

Flexible ribbed hosing

PVC pipe connection pieces

Timber and wood scra.ps of any sort

bulkheads, etc

Thanks! =)

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