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Hi All,

Recently our Oscar fish has developed 2 white rod shaped growths within one of his eyes. They started small and have grown slowly over the past weeks. I have seen a couple of vets who have put me on to a fish specialist fella but he is away until the 6th August. I am hoping someone out there has seen this before and can help us help our Oscar. It does not appear to have affected him in any way except he now prefers to watch you with his other eye indicating there is some loss of sight (although he still sees out of the eye with growths just not as well). He still eats well although now he sometimes misses his food and has to try again.

He is about 10 years old and was moved from the 600L tank to his current 300L tank not long before we saw the growths appear. We moved him back to the 300L tank after about 18 months in the 600L tank during which he became obsessed with digging big holes and protecting them. Guess he thought the rains had come and it was time to breed! It was fine when he was digging at either end but when he decided to dig in the middle the silver dollars and pleco the shared his tank at the time were constantly chased. Moved him back to the other tank and he settled immediately and even ate straight away! No sooking at all :) All he shares the 300L tank with now are some feeder fish from a pet shop. He is fed mostly frozen foods like Cichlid food and some blood worm as well as feeder fish and feeder yabbies. We have also recently started him back on Hikari Cichlid Gold pellets as well. He continues to eat well and behaves normally except now he prefers to use his other eye and sometimes misses food when first put in and has to hunt it down.

If anyone has an idea of what this could be please let us know. We have googled plenty of eye issues but none seem to match Occie's.

Cheers, Lewy



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