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Air pump to run 1.5m stone air curtain?

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So I bought a 80cm and 70cm air curtain (not the black rubber ones, material is similar to typical solid airstone) and I joined them together.

I am using a Sera 275 l/h pump to run it but I am only getting bubbles from each end of the stone and not much in the middle at all. :(

Can anyone recommend an air pump that would run the entire 'curtain' of air?

Preferably <20W and very quiet.


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I use the Schego Optimal on a 6.5ft black flexible air stone and it is basically silent.

Aquarium Products Wholesale :: Schego Air Pump Optimal 250

I would recommend, if your budget allows, going for the Schego WS3.

Thanks, the Schego optimal 250 is rated at 250 l/h which is less than the one I am trying to use on it now, or is air pressure more important?

The WS3 is rated at 350 l/h would I be better off with an Eheim 400 rated at 400 l/h?

You may want to level your airstone as well as air exits the area elevated resulting to uneven bubbles. If budget restricts and you have spare pumps, join them with "y" joints to give more pressure.

I will try to level out the air stone more if only I put it in before the sand :(, I have a Sera 550r I was going to use joins with, but for some reason it's dead no sound at all when I plug it in...

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at depth it should produce a bigger volume of air than the eheim.

they are both excellent engineering

but realisticly

you cant put eyeball stickers on the eheim and have it look like a turtle!

so thats another win for the tetratec

then again

if you want matching eheim's

the eheim is about $10 more I think

and it has the ability to turn down the air flow

which may be a feature you would like.

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Can I put eheim stickers on the turtle to make it look like an Eheim? ;)

I think larger air volume is more important in this case, are eyeball stickers included?

I know what the gf is gonna say... "You could've bought holey rock instead of an air pump!"

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