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WTB - Resun LP-100 may take lp60

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LP 100 in working order .

Currently using an LP-60 on this group of tanks but one of the flapper valves is leaking , unfortunately it IS our backup pump . Our other pump blew a diaphragm and due to health issues , slackness and general tardiness , I did not fix the original pump when the thing failed . I just shoved the backup in and left it at that .

Our backup pump is still working but not quite at full capacity . May be interested in an LP-60 but I would definitely prefer an LP-100 .

May also be interested in an LP-40 for the right price for a different project ( I think that would be enough for 8 tanks - 16 sponges @ 470mm deep )

PM or post here if you have anything .

Prefer North side or Caboolture but I have my car fixed now so a bit further is possible .

Thanks for reading my spiel .


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I bought the LP-60 off Fish Junkie as a temporary solution - but still looking for an LP-100 - and an LP-40 .

I am not up to a long drive , and not at all familiar with the south side but you are on the south-side I will consider it and if it is not to hard for me to get to , I will take it .

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You will find that the LP100 are twice as powerfull than the LP60

Technical Specifications:

Resun LP-100

Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 100W

Air Flow: 140L/min

Pressure: 0.042MPa

Air stones` max water depth: 4.0m

Air Divider outlets: 33


Impact resistant rubber diaphragm and valve.

Aluminum Cover, great for heat disspation.

Great for aeration usage in fish farms, ponds, gardens.

Pleastic air dividers included.

Technical Specifications:

Resun LP-60

· Voltage: 220-240V

· Frequency: 50Hz

· Power: 60W

· Pressure: 0.037MPa

· Output: 70L/min

· Max water depth: 3.5m

· Divider: 14 outlets

· Rating: Continuous

· Overall Dimension (cm): 26 X 20 X 23

Here is the link where you can buy them brand new. Good luck


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We already have an LP-100 in the shed , I know how much air it puts out , I also know it is louder than the LP-60 . It is just that the LP-60 is just barely coping with the load so I was looking at an LP-100 as an upgrade . And the LP-40 is for a different lot of tanks (inside the house - hence the need for it to be quiet) I am wanting to change some tanks over from AquaClear hang ons to sponges . There are 2 fish keepers in our house and a double dose of tanks .

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