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Help with Calvus please

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Hi, I purchased two female calvus on Sunday to add to my one existing calvus and am having aggression problems.

My original calvus is 5cm and always thought it was male. My two new calvus are 5cm & 6cm and definitely females and had bred before for the previous owner.

Basically they don't like each other :(

The 6cm female either hides in or around her shell and any opportunity she has to chase and bully the other two she takes. She used to live with the other female and even harasses her to the extreme that both the others are constantly in hiding.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the original one I had is also female, not male after all as looks exactly the same as the other 5cm one. Same size fins, head, nose etc and all three have lumps on their girly bits so my presumption of it being a male was probably wrong.

Would you expect 3 females with no males to fight?

Any help/ advise would be appreciated.

Thanks, Michelle

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there are a lot of variables here

new tankmates should involve a re work of the furniture in the tank to help reduce territorial behaviour

tangs like space... what size tank are they in?

also tangs will get cranky when the ph is too low... are you running ph at correct levels

you can try to keep temp a bit lower than normal and keep lighting down and be patient as it can take a couple of weeks to settle in

and try to intervene if they start fighting ,use a net or a grabber thing to move them away

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Thanks gollum,

My ph is only about 7.8 so yes, a bit low for tangs and temp at 25.

My tank is a 3 ft long but higher than most, but I thought since they were only fairly small it would be ok. I have heaps of rocks and hiding places for them and they are definately using all of them as hide more than they are out.

I didnt realise low ph made them cranky :(

I have just reworked all the rocks etc and hopefully that will settle them down a bit and will keep the lights off for a while. I have a habit of leaving the lights on a fair bit as I like to watch them and since I have black gravel and black backing they can be hard to see without the lights on.

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Dont worry mate.In 10-15 days they will settle .I purchased 3 cold comps at the size of 10-12cm and they where fighting all the time the first 2 weeks.

You can always add more fish with them as calvus are shy fish it will help them to stop hiding.

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Thanks Dom, that gives me hope :)

I have always loved calvus and wanted them for so long. Sold all my peacocks to start fresh with my dream fish and was so disappointed when this happened but now I have a bit more hope :)

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they are very tough fish and have great behaviour

I'm sure they will be ok

black sand is good for them a lot of ppl use coral but they dont like it too bright

I think the ph will make a big difference to them

I used to breed gold comps and they were awesome but calvus are harder to breed the males are really tough on the females so lots of hiding places are good

3 ft is ok for them just keep up with water changes ... ideal is 10% every week so a couple of buckets would be enough

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