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WTB - Sump pump

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WTB: Sump Pump


SIZE: Looking for a sump pump that will pump at least 1000lph at a 1metre height. Thanks! Bigger is fine but no more than twice that volume at a 1 metre height.

Looking for second-hand to save money. =)

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I got one of these I just stopped using, Can't find a head loss chart to see what it is @ 1Meter, Great pump and quite as too, About 6 or so months old, Just after $50 for it.

Age of Aquariums - AquaBee UP 3000

Just found head chart. It does 2000LPH @ 1Meter.

aqua bee - Aquarientechnik

Looks like an awesome pump but a bit too powerful for what I need. Thanks though!

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