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jason v

catfish breeders please help

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I am breeding peppermint BN and my tanks are getting infested with snails and my young are dying off quickly!!!! Is it because of the snails or the zucchini iam feeding them.

Can you please tell me how to get to get rid of the snails.

And what is the best food to feed the fry

Can you treat potassium permanganate with l numbers as i have 8 tanks running of 1 sump!

thankyou jason :(

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I believe they mean have you tested the water for:

- Ammonia

- Nitrite

- Nitrate

- pH

- GH/KH (Water Hardness)

All these factors could be killing your fish if they are are not within the appropriate range. If you don't have access to test kits ask your local pet shop to test your water for you they should be able to do it.

P.S. Tangles beat me to it.

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