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Firstly its not my fish or in my office. I saw people standing around a fish bowl when i was at the lifts and had to go see.

So its kind of a 2 parter.

1) what can i do now with my hands tied behind my back with no supplies

2) what can i tell them to do if they take the fish home

Can i use bottled water for a waterchange? My guess is bloat, so would be a salt bath or shelled peas?

Problem:- the fighter seems to be rolling onto its side and is starting to go to the surface. i think its overfeeding.

Ph:-Ammonia:-Nitrate:-Nitrite:-Gh:-Kh:-Size of tank:-Temperature °C:-

Don't carry them on me, office room temp.

Been running for:- don't know

Filtration:- none

Fish in tank:- 1 fighter

Plants in Tank:- plastic

Feeding:- gold fish pellets, been told 2 a day

Recent Medication Treatments:- none

Last water change:- over a week ago at least

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yep sounds like a swim bladder issue, best bet with no supplies is to get a net and a nice deep container to put the fish into, then net it so its trapped at the bottom of the container - I've heard a few peoples fish have come good after doing that, something to do with the pressure difference.

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