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Tank circulation

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Hi guys,

I currently have a otto 2000 lph submersible and it creates quite a bit of flow.

My canister filter is an aqua one 2700lph tank is 4x2x2.

will be heavily stocked eventually and I change at least 50% a week.

only had planted tanks so filtration wasnt really an issue lol

Is the submersible filter neccessary?

Ive had mixed reviews on this subject so thought I'd ask here


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Hey bazz. Because of the high flow and low surface area for bacteria the submersible won't be doing all that much for your bio filtration. However, filled with the right media (matrix and purigen or similar) submersibles can be great mechanical filters and effective at picking out the larger particles in the water making your water clearer and "cleaner looking"

If your stock don't mind the flow then I'd leave it in. The more filtration the better :)


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