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Hello all, thinking of getting back into the hobby.

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G'day all,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Adrian, living around Ipswich, i'm looking to set up a few tanks again after being out of the fish mad hobby for about 4 years. I use to, at the peak have 53 tanks running at about 14000 liters keeping and breeding mainly africans, I would of meet several of you's befor, my username use to be Adrian666 (i think).

i currently have a 6*2*2.5, a 5*2*2.5 and a 4*1.5*1.5 and and a steel rack read for some more tanks. :)

well thats about all... thanks for reading

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Hi Shon

too many to list but my favourites were definally my 6 and 7 bar fronnies, Rostratus (loved how they would hide in the gravel when spooked..).

Use to breed all the common africans really. always tried with the comps and calvus but never mastered that,, trying again with the calvus now.

only sold my colony of 7 bars 6months ago (for a steal) wish i hadn't of.


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