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Aquarworld TL-550 130L nano marine All in one

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Hey guys,

Up for sale is my aquarworld TL550 all in one tank. Looking to upgrade but not for about 6 months and just dont have the time to look after this at the moment. Lighting in the tank alone cost me $350 to install, not to mention everything else included.

So the tank is a 130L, few scratches on the glass but nothing over the top. Has the matching 2 door stand and hood.

In the hood i have removed the 2x24W power compacts and replaced them with a DIY LED build, using 3W cree LED's from RapidLED. THe lighting ratio is 10x 10k cool white, 10x royal blue, 2x red, and 2x UV. The change in lighting it amazing and coral growth has been crazy under the lights. The blues and whites are on seperate drivers and hence can be put on seperate timers. Only thing i was looking to do was pull out 2 of the blues and running them on a small CC driver for moonlighting. The fans have also been replaced with an intake and outlet fan for the best cooling. Drivers run externally also to keep heat down. Lighting was $350 so looking to at least break even as best i can.

Tank will come with all running gear (skimmer, return pumps, heater) 10kg live rock, 5kg live sand, wavemaker, magfloat glass cleaner, and anything i wont need.

If you want to know anymore, feel free to give me a call or text and i'll give you a rundown about the tank. If you want any pictures, just let me know.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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