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FS : Complete 8tank(6ft&3ft) 3 tier setup sumped running $800

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This is my setup that I was pumping fry out of last season.

Due to work & family commitments I no longer have the time or desire to breed fish so Im kinda getting sick of looking at this setup, so it is up for sale cheap.

The whole system is designed to fit into a single carport/garage, hence why the sump is off to the front.

there is 7 3x18x18 tank & a single 6x18x18 on top. Top 2 tiers drain into 90mm PVC into the sump, the bottom tier drains into 40mm PVC into the sump, this was purely to work within the width of the single carport & worked beautiful.

the water drains into sump 1 (2x2x2) into a large storage containers full of coarse to dense sponges, out of the bottom of the containers it then runs through jap matt, which was a whole sheet (2000x1000) then water drains through 2 bulkheads into a 'trickle' type sump (3x2x18) then returned via a 10000lt/hr pump to 15mm PVC piping, all tanks have individual taps & bulkheads with strainers.

Perfect system. The sump is major overkill for this system & I was running a 8x2x2 & 6x2x2 on this as well beforehand.

Please excuse the mess, I haven't had time for a good cleanup & ignore the hoses into the sump, they were used for my solar heating.

$800 Pick up from Wellington Point.

Contact me by PM please :)






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