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EOI flowerhorns

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FS/WTB/EOI:- Now for sale Flowerhorn juvies.

Type of fish/goods:- Flowerhorns

Sex(if known):-unknown


Breeding:- no

Qty:- 13

Price:- $5 each first in gets to pick.

Location:- Flaxton sunshine coast can meet somewhere for right price.

Shipping Y/N:- no

Contact:- pm

Comments:- Bought these off a breeder at the start of the year he has sold the parents on flowerhorn fun these are some of the babies im selling. This is the link to the parents two different batches. Login • Flowerhorn fun!

Login • Flowerhorn fun!

Photos:- sorry about the bad quality very camera shy.





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Are you sure those are the parents of your fry?

I bought that male off Grant. Any fry he had before the sale should be much bigger than 5-8cm??

Grant emailed those links to me saying they were the parents.

I measured some properly they are bigger then 5-8cms how big do you think they should be?

Link to parents on the other website doesn't work (need login and password)

Try these

Login • Flowerhorn fun!

Login • Flowerhorn fun!




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