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Having trouble breeding my crabro

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What do you feed them? how offen do you feed them? how offen do you do WC? How big is your colony M & F

If you feed them just NLS then add some greens to their diet, something with spirulina, sera flora and regular WC.

Have a good read of this:


Typically, I recommend obtaining six or more juveniles and growing them up together. Since this fish gets pretty big, I would recommend at least a 50 gallon tank for these fish when mature.

My fish bred frequently, but I often didn't have successful spawns. My dominant male harassed the other fish in the tank relentlessly and females would often eat the eggs rather than holding them to term.

I eventually was successful by providing an increased amount of rockwork in my 100 gallon tank. I realized that if the male couldn't see the females, then maybe he'd leave them alone. With this in mind, I built a large file of rocks in the center of the tank that contained one large cave at the bottom. This pile extended almost to the top of the tank. The male quickly made his house in the cave at the bottom of the pile and could only see the other sides of the tank with great effort. Thus, he spent a lot less time bullying other fish.

The fish breed in typical mouthbrooder fashion in the T position. Males will darken to almost jet black and begin courting females after a water change. Males shake and circle to attract a female to a flat piece of rock where breeding ensues.

Psedotropheus crabro females will hold about 18 to 21 days in ideal conditions. I stripped my female at 18 days and got about 16 fully-formed fry that looked just like their barred mother. The fry grow incredibly fast, by the way! I started mine off on Cyclop-eeze.

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thanks for the info

i feed mine NLS only twice a day

i do 1/4 water change every 4 days.

i have them in a 4 foot tank there are about 8 females to 2 or 3 males

heaps of rocks in there

but i havent set any caves up

should i turn them into 2 colonies and put them in seperate 4 foot tanks.

with only the 1 male to 4-5 females

thanks once again

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