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Or similar product. I'm currently using "DURA FRESH TUFF SPONGE"

Every fish keeper should have this in there store.

Its a super fine sponge that is totally chemical free. And doesn't require and soaps or cleaning products, just a little bit of water, somehow the microfibers are abrasive enough to get rid of some really tough stains. Which means you can use it INSIDE YOUR TANK. Straight out of the packet. Ive used it for years now and is the best product for cleaning the inside(and out) glass of your tank, especially as you can just use it straight in your tank while the fish are still in there.

Get it from hardware stores and K-mart also has it I think... Its mainly used for cleaning walls and kitchens, but amazingly handy stuff to have around the house anyway.

It looks and feels like a really fine white sponge. Just ask for white magic, possibly magic sponge. It comes in a block about 120mmx80mmx20mm. Usually costs $5-10 I use a razor to cut a 10mm slice off the end, this little piece is more then enough to do the inside of my 3x18x18. Then just throw it out.

Its also the best way I've found to get rid of tough waterline stains on tanks, and those annoying drip residue stains that second hand tanks always seem to have.


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