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Dry goods sale.

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Up for sale I have a few things.

FX5 Around 12 months old and still going HARD! $270 No media, Hoses are short and has spraybar intake etc.

Braceless 4x1x1 tank, $50 Good tank.

4 foot garage style light with 2 tubes and 1 missing. $40

3ft twin heto light, Lights work occasionally, Idk if its ballasts but if it doesnt come on I move the tubes and they work. $30 has two 2 foot tubes.

AA hexagonal tank with stand hood and light built in $70. No filter as I used a canister. Could include an eheim 2213 for $40 with intake and hoses etc but no media

4 foot garage light


Hex IMG_2265.jpg

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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