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Bunnings play sand upped my PH

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I am setting up a new tank being a 6x2x2 and wanted a sand substrate rather than the usual boring gravel.

After reading forums till i went blind i was torn between two different types the Bunnings play sand and a Triple washed white sand from my local nursery

I grabbed a 20 kg bag of each and washed them and let them sit for an hour or so then i would test the PH levels of each.

I am using the API Fresh Water Master test kit

I did a base line on the mains water and it came back as 7.2

I then tested the triple washed sand and it came in at around 7.0

I tested the Bunnings play sand and that went blue within a second being 7.6, i thought maybe i should run the PH high test and that came back an 8.4:confused:

What are your thoughts?

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Thanks for all the responses guys

I will say looking at the triple washed sand, it took half the amount of time to clean and looks just as good but best of all steering up the sand with a screw driver it settles within seconds

I prefer either the play sand or triple too the filter sand because i dont really like the course look if that make sense?

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