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FS - CRS c/b grades- Toowoomba

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FS/WTB/EOI:- EOI/ FS. Would like to see if there is any interest around Toowoomba for crs.

Type of fish/goods:- Crystal Red Shrimp. (b/c grade)

EDIT: A grade also

Sex(if known):- both

Size/Rating:- young and adults. sell at 1cm + . most will be adult size

Breeding:- larger shrimp are.

Qty:- plenty c/b grade

10 A grade

Price:- C/B $4 each

A Grade = $7

Location:- Toowoomba

Shipping Y/N:- Not at the moment.

Contact:- pm please

Comments:- have a lot of crs so would like to clear out the c/b grade shrimp. Can include some berried ones.

Will trade for yellow cherries or CBS

Photos:- this photo is older. but gives you an idea of the grades. Note: this photo is mostly adults.

Also there are a couple of c grade cbs in the pic. I'm only selling crs at the moment.


updated pic


video (not very good quality)


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