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Building a new display tank

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Hey guys.

I am about to start shopping for a new 5ft tang display set up. For the first time ever I will not be recycling old hardware I will be starting with everything new. My current thoughts are:

5x2x2 tank

Fluval fx5

Crushed coral sand.

these of course are the basics but I am looking to spend about $2000- $2500 Going by my Maths I should have a fair chunk left over.

I was thinking of going LED lighting for the tank if anyone has a brand that they have a particular liking to.

If this was your project, what little extras would you be looking at to pimp the tank out?

Cheers, Steve.

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Lol forgot the obvious one. In it is going for now some very small f1 and f2 frontosa till they grow up, a juvie colony of 10 f2/3 tropheus ikola, couple of calvus, and I was thinking a colony of julidochromis transcriptus.

And decor will be buttloads of lava rocks.

Sorry for the early morning oversight.

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a big arse sump, but thats me, i'd prefer to clean a sump than a cannister, sumps are just easier, only downside with sumps are the noise.

other than that an inline heater perhaps, especially if you want to do it as a display tank

As for LED's i've heard alot of good stuff about the cree luminaires.

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Yeah definitely go with a sump, tropheus like current but frontosa dont so its going to be hard to keep both species happy, even with diet as well

Your decided species are good beginner tangs :)

But yeah, sand, sump, lights and rocks

Best to spend the money on foods and getting the water right

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Thanks Cav. I have been tossing up between a sump or a canister for a while now. I think what has been putting me off is my complete lack of hand on knowledge surrounding having and maintaining a sump correctly.

Inline heating is a great idea. It hadn't even crossed my mind. Can you run 2 inline heaters off one fx5?

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Food is now spectrum and ocean nutrition after a move from hikari and sera. Currently I have been using a spray bar for the external and some internals to supply currents along the edges of the tank so the tropheus have currents to play in whilst leaving quieter rocky sections for the Frontosas. I always feed food in order of most important for tropheus to most important for fronnys as I find the fronnys are shy and let the tropheus have their fill first before having a dig themselves.

I have been wanting a transcriptus colony for a while since learning siblings help raise fry. I am thoroughly looking forward to seeing this.

My long term goal since returning to fish has been starting with aulonacaras which I have thoroughly enjoyed but now it's a move up to various tangs. Eventually I will be upgrading my stock over time once i have had more tang experience. Some day, way down the track once I feel I have learnt enough I intend on starting marine.

By the end of my journey I hope to have 4 display tanks. A planted catfish, a peacock, a tang and a marine..... Although pbass have really been drawing my attention lately... Maybe one day.

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1. Why 5x2x2? Is it the perfect size for your desired location? Since getting my first 6ft I have not looked back it is definitely more 'pimp' than a 5ft and not too difficult to move around like an 8ft.

2. Why Fluval FX5? For a little more coin you could get something from the Eheim Pro range and avoid some of the FX5 problems I've read/heard about and the Eheims definitely look more 'pimp' and run quieter

The Eheims are more energy efficient too!

3. Have you considered 3D backgrounds? That will definitely 'pimp' your tank if that's your kind of thing.

If this were my budget I would take it to AOA and buy everything in one go the team there is great their knowledge is mind blowing and they will be able to tell you if you NEED anything else instead of just trying to push sales.

And the quality of their tanks... I think you will find numerous posts on this forum regarding the outstanding quality of their tanks I just bought a second tank there last week.

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Sounds good :)

I like to use ocean nutrition flake, frozen foods like mysis, krill, spinich, but i am also using nobori koi pellets too

Youll find that as all the fish get bigger that youll need more room in the tank

I had a big mix in a 7ft, brichardi which like the julies are step breeders, once they spawned all the 20+ other fish were pushed intl a 3ft area all the time...

I went the other way though, from marine to tangs :P

Youll really enjoy gobies and shell dwellers when you start keeping harder species which include sandsifters, featherfins and cyprichromi

Mainly because of how well you can mix species into particular zones

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My thoughts were that my budget would be pushed if I was to get a 6 but it's not locked in. If I can afford bigger I definitely will but I had always thought once you reach about 6x2x2 sumps or 2 cannisters, become a bit more essential. I love Ehiem and this will be my first fluval but the Ehiem option is twice as much and about 50% of my budget.

And on the topic of water shon, can anyone recommend a good kh buffer. I have only seen the seachem one out there which is apparently great.

Also this tank will become my planted display if it is a 5fter. The tang tank will eventually be the big boy of the house to accommodate my Frontosas but for now they range from an inch to 6cm.

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The last 6ft I bought I paid $500 just for the tank and the quality wasn't even as good as the AOA tanks... $324 for a 6x2x2 is pretty cheap IMO, best to see it in person if you haven't already.

Age of Aquariums - Glass Fish Tank 1830mm x 610mm x 610mm

I am running the 2080 with a 2217 but was told the 2080 is sufficient on its own (my tank is 6x2x800 so 6x2x2 should be fine if the 2080 can do my tank alone)

Age of Aquariums - Eheim Professional 3 - 2080

I am no pro at this hobby yet, but I prefer to invest more money into the hardware

I'm sure your fish can live for a month with $300 worth of lava rock and you can buy more next month ;)

EDIT: The 2180 is probably more suitable for you since you're after inline heating


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So I am thinking as basics, tank approx 400, 180 should get me a 50mm depth for coral sand, Say 150 for air pump, 200 for light if I go cheaper option but id prefer better, That comes to a grand or so before filter and heater... But also before my 10% off. If I do go 6ft I don't have appropriate transport so there's an extra cost. 2180 would hopefully make it under 2000.?.?

Still some cash for buffer, perhaps better light but it can always be upgraded later. An LFS here on the coast went out of business not that long ago and I cleaned him out of rocks which are clean and ready to go.

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My thoughts had been running a couple of sponges just as added mechanical filtration around the rocks but this is why I have posted this. It's great when you can be steered off buying something pointless.... More money spare may mean more Frontosas or a pair/small group of fish as a real centrepiece breed.

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Tank 6x2x2 - $360

Crushed coral sand (2mm) - $180

Heto Aluminium Twin Reflector (72 inch) - $199

Eheim 2180 (inbuilt heater) - $799

Total - $1538

After Forum Discount - $1384.20

You still have plenty of room for options:

Some of my fish spend the day swimming against the current of the wave maker.

Wave Maker - $129.00 (before discount)

Age of Aquariums - Hydor Koralia 2 12v

LED lighting will definitely fit in the budget, you would have to speak to one of the guys down at the shop about it I don't have any experience with LED lights.

What about 3D backgrounds? I would get one if they made them in the right size for me tank :(

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2180 = 683 no further discount matching and beating the reef shop

Err waterpig getting a bit carried away....tank will look pretty bad on the floor, a nice cabinet and hood is gonna cost ya big

The stand I will make. I have just moved into a house so I have room to break out all the tools again. The supplies for that are already accounted for.


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