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New but not that new :)

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Hey guys

Just thought I'll introduce myself. Pretty much been in the hobby since primary school so been at it for a while. Started out with the usual tropicals like guppies and platies. Then went into breeding bettas for a while but since uni started I have less and less time - so had to give that up. Now I am into planted tanks and looking into shrimp breeding. Here's some pics :mrgreen:

My lil shrimpys:






My one planted tank setup thus far:




I'm a member on various other forums as well but it's good to find something that is more local. I'm always willing to learn new things and consider myself a pretty friendly guy....so don't hesitate to gives us a yell if you need something or just wanna chat :)

On another note: I'm looking to get two small custom tanks made up with dividers....if you guys know of any good tank builders (apart form Mary-anne's and aquariums r us) in the south brisbane area, please let me know.

cheers guys

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