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FS 3ft and 2ft tank setups

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would you sell the heater seperatly i am in desperate need of one for the 3ft i just brought


If renjarben takes the heater I'll take the rest of the 3ft package :)

Let us know if you want to go that way & if so how much for the 3ft package less heater?

Cheers, Pikey

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Guys, 3ft has now been reserved for FishHeadSoup pending pickup also have second offer on 3ft as whole package so have allocated Timddo as second dips if FishHead ends up not wanting it.

If those two fall through then will split between Pikey and renjarben with the heater at $18 and the rest at $82 if that sounds fair to you guys.

The 2ft sale still stands with Gemini.

Thanks everyone for the interest will keep the thread and people updated with pm's as things progress.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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