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Captain Nemo


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6 foot tank 10mm glass with wooden white painted stand, large light. $420

4 foot tank, Light, wooden stained stand and hood (hood could do with a little tlc on the inside) $180

4 foot tank, older style metal stand $110

3 foot tank, woodgrain stand and hood $110

3foot x 18 x 15 (centre glass at top broken – I’ve been using this way for two yrs no problem!) as well as a brand new two foot under, with sponge filters on stand $250

Clear Acrylic tank 10mm – divided into two sections, whole tank measures = length 1336, width 608, height 440 (yes, she holds a big volume of water – great for fry raising with two 300w heaters and four foot light $260 NO STAND (very regretable sale)

ALSO.. Huge range of tank ornaments from large pieces throught to slate, far too numerous to mention, Gravel etc can send pics but if local – advise a visit!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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