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IBC's outside for grow outs

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Does anyone have experience with using IBC's as grow outs outside. I was thinking summer only at this stage as I don't want to have to deal with the heating costs, though I'm sure that's likely to change down the line. Should they be in the sun or in the shade? The only way I can get them inside is to remove the entire sliding door assembly and I'm not sure I want to go there. What have been other people's experiences been?

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Swimming pool fencing and safety regulations

Maintenance of pool fences and safety barriers is essential to reduce the number of drownings and serious immersion injuries of young children in swimming pools. Pool owners are responsible for ensuring pool barriers are maintained, meet all pool fencing regulations and safety standards and that damaged fencing or barriers are fixed immediately.

Swimming pool safety and regulations does not only include pool fencing. Find information about:

pool definition


your responsibilities

existing pools - key law changes

pool safety certificates

legislation and building approvals



Pool definition

The Building Act 1975 defines a swimming pool as an excavation or structure that:

is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300 millimetres or more; and

is capable of being used for swimming, bathing, wading, paddling or other human aquatic activities; and

is used, designed, manufactured or adapted for the purpose mentioned above, despite its current use

and includes spas and wading pools (other than portable wading pools)

It does not include a:

fish pond

ornamental pond, manufactured to be used for ornamental purposes

dam used for aquaculture, marine research or storage of water


spa bath situated in a bathroom which is not continually filled with water

birthing pool used solely for water births

portable wading pool

A portable wading pool is defined as:

capable of being filled with water to a depth of less than 300 millimetres; and

has a volume of no more than 2,000 litres; and

has no filtration or pumping system

I would put under cover


cheers Ben

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no issues with council as i've just been there, no councils have any bylaws on ponds, they revert back to state laws and there is none, i have a pool fence inspector as a neighbour and he told me the laws,

we have shade cloth over ours to stop it getting to hot and cut back on algae growth, but we only keep goldies in ours,

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this might help you in regards to laws on pool fencing,


Hey guys, I work in a pool shop and have had to abide the new laws since November 2011, if it is classed as 'swimming or leisure' it must be fenced no matter what amount of water. If it is a pond or anything like that it does not have to be fenced, we have customers that have to fence their pool in regards to the new laws but their massive dam that is only 50 m away does not have to be fenced, it is B/S, any council lakes such as Narangba lake does not have to be fenced, that's the government for ya
I have recently asked the logan council on their regulations. They pointed me to the state wide regulations which say ornamental fish ponds are exempt from pool fencing. It even turns out if they are *big enough* you can use them as the fence to your pool. They then said that *clearly a fish pond is exempt from pool fencing laws and advised that there were no other rules regarding them.

Please not I am not saying morally whether you should or not, just the advice I have recieved in writing from logan city council.

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thought this post was about ibcs being out side or not , were does pool fencing come in to this , i am also wanting to no how to set up ibc in summer to have as grow outs ,like eg do u run bio filters in them and how many ,

sorry matthew, jabmel posted it would need fencing due to council regulations, i replied that it wasn't needed, he then edited it out of his post, and posted a heap more info, so yep, my post looks a little stupid now, but you get that, i still stand by my first post, i'm not exactly sure what jabmel edited his first post or what he is trying to say now,

i run 2 bio-filters in mine, have it under a shade cloth, and its just for goldfish and they love it, i'm setting up a couple under my house now to grow bn fry, it will be heated with a 300w jag heater and is wrapped in insulation to cut back on the heating costs, i hope that helps you out a little bit more, :)

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i have 6 1/5 ibcs rigged up to a big stainless sump , they get full sunlight without shade

i only run them from mid oct to early may ,atm i only have one running with redclaw in it and the water temp today was 6c at 630 am and never got above 12c

i have found that the best way to control algal growth and keep temps down during summer is lots of amazon frog bit , it sucks nutrients out of the water that algae thrive on and excess makes great mulch

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I covered my aquaponics ibc in black plastic (weed matt) and put that bamboo fencing lining stuff around it. Stops the light from getting in and reduces any algae probs. It only cost me $20

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Chronic, are you growing aquarium fish in your aquaponics setup? If so, I'd love to see that.

No I have silver perch and redclaw in it. I cant see any reason why it wouldn't be good for ornamental fish, you would have to make the right choice of medium to match your fish eg. a more alkaline gravel to filter with. I might give it a go with some bristlenose/plecos or something that eats algae :)

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