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Two Canister Filters-Advice on the best way to set them up?

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Please go easy on me I’m new to forums and relatively inexperienced with aquariums, so please excuse the complete lack of lingo and correct terms.

I have recently inherited a 300 litre tank and a number of discus, i would be grateful for any advice.

My first question relates to the filtration, i have acquired two canister filters, an Ehiem 2215 and an Aqua One CF-1200. My logic (which may be wrong) would be to set them both up, one as a biological the other as a normal filter. I am hoping this mean fewer filter cleans, and cleaner water.

The plan which is open to any suggestions would be to set the Eheim up as the biological filter, as it doesn’t have stop taps and is a real pain to clean, or change. I thought i would fill the Eheim with the plastics balls (sorry I don’t know the term for them) and the strudel (pasta like stuff). I would have little to no filtration media (white stuffing) in the Ehiem.

I would then set the CF-1200 as the normal filter with lots of rough mesh and white stuffing and could add or subtract carbon when required. I would put no biological media in the CF-1200. This idea would allow me to make regular changes of the “white” filter stuff in the CF-1200 easily.

This idea is based on no experience and is motivated by pure laziness, i am all ears if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve on this, or the best way to set up these two filters. Ohhh, i have a UV light as well, I assume that would be best placed after the CF-1200

Secondly, I can’t help but notice that many of the pics posted on this site the water looks crystal clear (congratulations) compared to my tank, any tricks for on how this is achieved?

My third question is what is the cheapest way to get a number of Cardinal Tertra’s in the North Brisbane/Brisbane area? Should i be paying $6 each?

Finally, i have obviously purchaed a pregnant bronze catfish as i now have spawn all over the front glass. I am really not interested in breading them but feel bad just letting them perish. With minimal effort (ie no breading/second tank) is there a way for me to save or give them any remote chance of survival?

I appreciate any help, and sorry again for the non-lingo.



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ok seeing as theres no replies ill try and answer this as best as i can in the 15 seconds i have available to me right now :lol:

for mine i would be setting them both up to do both chemical, physical and biological filtration get some purigen or chemipure (what makes our tanks so crystal), bioballs (plastic balls as u put it) and some good filter wool (white fluffy stuff) in both of them and u should only have to service them every 4-6 mths ;) (obviously you will still have to do regular water changes).

There is no way on gods green earth that i would be paying $6 ea for tetras have a look through the live stock section here or go to one of the auctions. As for the catfish cheapest way to TRY and save some would be a breeders net or clip on fry saver.

Hope this helps ;)

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Hi FishHead Soup,

Thanks for your help, i will take your advice and set them both up as you suggest, I will also look into the Purigen or Chemipure i have never come accross this before.

Thanks again.


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i havent had any experience with either filter so i dont know how much media they can hold but what i can suggest i forget the bioballs, black plastic things, and spend the money on some matrix or jbl micromec, 1 litre in each filter will be more than a buggerload to do the bio filtration, i would also have atleast 1 fine and coarse layers of mechanical filtration to prevent gunk getting into pump and burning it out prematurely. As for chemical i would have 2 100ml bags of purigen in total, then you can regenerate one at a time.

Setup like that you would prob have enough bio and chemical filtration for a 6x2 so your 300 litre tank should sparkle.



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