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My Fx5 is stopping and starting randomly?

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I've had a similar experience. The problem I had was because the filter sponges in the top and middle trays were filthy and must have been prohibiting flow and inturn the FX5 brain was attempting to clear the obstruction, much it like how it deals with trapped air, by turning off an on.

Once I cleaned the sponges thoroughly it came good.


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Read the book if you got one

It runs for 2 mins then stops 2 mins

to let air out. It also stops once every

24 hrs to do the same

I bought one 2nd hand and thought

same as you lucky for me Bidkev

gave me a booklet and spare hose

end Thanks Kev


Thanks Dave no havnt got the book thats ok then I have cleaned it out replaced media and was still doing it theres no air anywhere near thein take must be wat it is then thank god couldnt afford a new one rit now lol thanks guys take care

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doesnt matter if there is air, no air, clogged, or not clogged it will stop every 24 hours for 2 mins regardless. just bought a fx5 the other day as my cannister started leaking currently getting fixed under warranty. wont mention the brand for now.

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