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Tips on buying 2nd hand Tanks

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After hearing about tanks letting go. Here are some tips so it won't happen again

(If you have more tips pls post underneath )

Ask questions How old Who made it etc

Try to see it full with water with your eyes not a pic

Check for cracks and chips look hard at tinted glass it's hard to spot

If your buying a rack full make sure they are the same size and age

Pic could be years old also could be different tank

If it is empty. How long dry ?

If you can get your fingernail under the silicone. Walk out the door or

be prepared to resilicone it. Renegotiate the price

If it has leaves and or dirty water in it. It's been outside I wouldnt touch it (sun)

Take a straight edge and square ( works with stands also )

When you do buy a tank

Make sure your happy with it. Too late when you've bought it

If you don't trust it resilicone it. Fill it outside or fill it over 24hrs

No tank lasts forever always use foam under the tank

If I think of anymore I'll add later

Maybe members can start a buying 2nd hand page listing some of the items we buy


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Any tips on spotting scratches, Dave? I've been to look at a couple of 'display quality' setups recently that only showed scratches when dry.

Maybe white paper or even a torch


Make sure glass thickness suits the tank. Like no 6mm 6x2x2

Check there's enough braces and rails on the tank and there same thickness as the tank

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