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Where do u buy plastic strainers ?? 25mm

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Went to the irrigation shop at moss street today to pick up some 25mm strainers ( plastic) there asking $7.20ea now :confused: anyone know of a cheaper place??

Can get stainless ones heaps cheaper on line but need the plastic ones for the tanks I'm setting up looking for 10 or so hopefully won't cost me $72 lol

If ya know of a place please let me know

Cheers all

Trev :)

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If you run a sump as a filter you drill a hole in the glass of the tank for the water to come out of and it goes through a bulkhead and a strainer goes onto the bulk head so that larger items do not go into the sump or filter. The strainer is on the bottom left hand side.

These are the ones I do it is a 25mm low profile in blue or clear and about $17 complete - strainer - elbow and bulkhead but you can get a few different varieties. Have a look on YouTube and do a search of bulkhead and you will see a demo of one and how it works.


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