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Hi Guys

Well I have been lurking now for a while as I am just getting the new tank set up and I am nearly at the stage to introduce some fish. I have a 600ltr tank on a cabinet with a sump filter system underneath which I purchased recently from another forum member.

I have 4 Clown loach's and 2 Bristle nose Catfish that have out grown the tank they are currently in and I am looking forward to introducing a few other species to the new tank as well.

I am looking for suggestions of what other species would live happily with the Clowns as they can be a bit dominant at times.

Any help from the forum would be appreciated.

I have included a pic of the new setup.post-7352-14711627255803_thumb.jpg

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Heya Captain...welcome mate and nice new set up too...bit more room for the guys hey....those clown loaches are going to get fairly big and you'll need all that room..:)..not experienced with the loaches (each to their own as they say ;))but they are pretty good social wise Ive heard and as long as there tankmates aren't too "darty"(zipping everywhere around the tank)they will stay pretty happy...but sure some of the other guys with some clown loach experience will help you out mate....enjoy the forum

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I see, my bad....

If a fish is compatible with another species match up the two fish types and look for the corresponding color or letter code. The color code is top left of chart.

Letter codes are;

(H) high fish compatibility. Letter (M) medium fish compatibility. Letter (L) low fish compatibility.

So you just use the name on the left and run along the graph to the name on the top and the color will give you compatibility and the letter the amount of compatibility (which funnily enough matches the color)

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Thanks Guys

After a month of running the tank without fish to get it established, I finally introduced the Clowns and my two bristle nose today. They are still getting used to the extra space but are settling in well. Time now to add some more fish to complete the setup. I now have to decide on whether to sell the old corner tank or re establish it with something different.


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