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fs eheim bio canister filter

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There should be a black/silver panel on top or side of filter - the model no. is one of the first figures listed and usually four numbers starting with a 2. - ie 2217 or 2203, etc

Yep - you're right, the media is the stuff inside the canister.

Mainly consists of three types

Mechanical media - physically traps poo, detritus. In eheims is usually blue or white filter pads - can be wool or floss as well

Biological media is what the good bacteria grow on. In eheims is usually substrat pro, like a little porous ball - can also be noodles/bioballs, etc

Chemical media - like purigen, etc. - this adds or removes chemicals from water.

Most eheims usually come with Mechanical & Biological - filter pads and little balls.

Hoses - well you know hoses! Long green snake like things :P

Eheims usually come with intake filter (little green basket type jobbie that goes over your intake to stop wee little fish going in).

Let us know what you got

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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