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Another "im out of fish" thread

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So, i've come home drunk to have pretty much lost everything.

I went on holidays and pretty much lost all my shrimp. Now the water levels have settled down, my fish have decided to pack up their bags also.

I'm trying to save what i can (in my state) but really, this is fked,

To her credit, gf called and told me and she did water changes for me..... wow!

But other than that, if this doesn't work out, how do you come back from such a heart break and investment?

I've tried to over filter, hell i've got a bag of purigen going in a 3 ft tank, and a full bottle going in a 4 ft tank + 2 canisters + an internal + 3 large sponges and 1 small.

So 1 beer to 1 bucket of water changes is about to happen,.

fkn sucks

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I want to know why you are over filtering a four foot tank?

I have no idea about your set ups, but maybe something is going wrong and because you don't know what it is, you are not treating the cause, but rather just trying band aid solutions that aren't working.

Also, how often do you recharge the purigen in your tanks? And when you say in your tanks, you actually mean in your canister filters don't you?

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I had one of these kinds of deals a few weeks back. Moved 6 months ago, lost a few, then setting up the tank, lost a few more, then male Ellioti went crazy and killed buth my female Thomasi breeders, and both of his breeder females. So what I am left with is 6 neons - one is neon, the other 5 black (Ellioti doesnt mind them for some reason), The male Ellioti, a male Thomasi, and two German blues, and one B/N in a 4ft tank. Then I scored a new job, where I am home barely ever, and decided to pack it all in. Talked to a mate about it, and he said, just buy something for the tank and it will get you all inspired again. So I went and bought two plants, lol.

But seriously, thats all I needed to realise what I would miss out on if I had no tank. The next week I bought a few more plants and a couple of swordtails.

Things were going well, so I thought about where to from here.

So I went and ordered some purple spot gudgeons, glass perch, and some rainbows (get them today).

Then I came home thursday, and my son had poured a whole medium sized NLS Small cichlid in the tank. Water was red, fish were gasping.

90% w/c, through out the sand bottom, and cleaned the filters in what water was left.

2 w/c's a day d/d on prime, and using ammo lock and stability, and fish are still ok, water is clear, and I still have to pick up my Rainbows today. Bought all new coffs gravel, and some nice broad leaf plants, and redone the whole tank. To be honest, I cant remember ever being so into my tank.

Sorry about the long story, but the point was, even when you are ready to completely give up, dont. Just remember why you got into it in the first place. All it took me was buying 2 plants, and I was hooked all over again.

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Theres no point packing up shop completely. You'll be back.

I sold all my fish about a year ago, after I lost my male motoro ray and all my geophagus altifrons to a still unknown illness, because I was just annoyed and didn't want to look at that tank anymore. I left it about 3 months and went and bought a little 18L desktop setup. Just today i sold the green neons from that tank ready for me to upgrade again haha.

Moral of the story, don't try to quit :P

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Sorry for not replying. haven't been able look at the fish forum. Im on my mobile now and will do a detailed reply later.

Well after taking down the tank and moving what survivors i had into my cray tank (in nets so they didn't get eaten).. Those ones are pretty much not going to last through the night.

Game plan is to fill up the tank again and just put in all the plants i have.

Then ill take a month or 2 to see what i should put back on the tank.

Thanks for all the support

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I now have 3 fish in a 4ft tank. Now its hard to feed them to make them find the food.

I think i'll get back into it but Im gonna have a think about what to re-stock with. I loved what i had, but wondering if it;s now a time for a change.

I'm still over a month away from thinking about buying a fish, but i do like the little buggers

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The tank has kept running with my remaining 3 fish. (2 bristlenose and 1 khlui - heaps of space in the 4ft)

They battled though a fair bit so i'm gonna have to keep them. The plants have got algae all over them so might need to get back into shrimp to fix that.

I googled tanks but they are saltwater

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