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Any new fish people never raised fry before?

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Just wondering if any of the newer guys that have never raised fry before and want to? We (father inlaws fish) have a tank full of white convict fry and thought maybe it could help somebody learn the art of accidentally killing/ or even raising some babies:)

Convicts are pretty hardy and can be fun fish to raise and watch grow..

Happy to help with info and bad advice;) maybe some members kids would like a go?

Cheers Mat

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I'd take them if my kids convict hadn't had its 1st batch last week, another pair hatched Saturday and another pair setting up new cave. And they 1st female has gone red again. If I'd seen this post 2 weeks ago I would have takin them

Also have about 50 iceberg electric blue fry(1 & 1/2 weeks old) and 3 mouthfuls just noticed yesterday.

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