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Hey guys just a little hello from me, im a noob when it comes to fish as i only have 5 fantails, a ryukin a albino shortfin bristlenose and a shubunkin, looking at branching into breeding the bristlenose though so will be hitting the breeders up for some peppermint bristlenose couples. :)

If anyone has any hints and tips for other easy fish to breed im open to ideas :)

Say hi ask anything you like im open to most topics lol


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hey Lee welcome bud...you got some easy fish to breed right there mate if you want lots of eggs...Id be trying the ryukin (once you know the sex) with a couple of fantails...might be able to raise a few ryukins by being selective with the babies..but just ask a few questions in the relevant sections mate and sure you'll get some good info on any fish your interested in...enjoy the forum mate ;)

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