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why have i been so quiet? mwahahahaha

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so guys...

ive been very elusive on the forum for a few weeks or so.

and only came home to another little surprise left by my brother

so first off i have

4 small trimacs growing out, in hope of a breeding pair. the trimacs are the smallest out of all of them so not to sure... nice little fellas though


6 super green texas growing out together in hope of a pair, two of the texas look close to pairing but its hard to say right now


and a new addition thanks to an amazing brother is a pair of fens!!!! im surprised he even knew how to say the name... considering he is a muggle and all...



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looks like i wont be keeping them so long afterall....

after close inspection today one trimac has a caudal peduncle deformity.

male fene has a shorterned gill cover

female fene has a un even face and a dent like thing in the side of her face

one of the texas seems to have a shorter body than the rest. so i am not a happy bunny.

and i for sure do not want to be breeding deformed stock. so back off i go on my ventures.

not a clue on how im going to sell these ****ers.

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give them some swimming lessons with a large predatory fish....lol

my dovii are excellent instructors. in all seriousness deformed fish can only hurt the hobby, never enhance it. yes there will be the pro life argument and thats cool, if you want to house deformed fish as pets and for life (never onsell) granted the only thing i find is that usually people want "display fish" not "deformed fish". just my honest opinion and as a breeder of american cichlids i can guarantee you deformed fish make for excellent dovii poo ;)

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