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Over 250 Apisto Cacatuoides eggs and fry at the same time

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I just found that my female Apisto Cacatuoides Super Reds have laid a second batch of eggs only 7 days after they last laid, the other fry still arn't free swimming but mums looking after both batches. :egrin:

This is a film of them yesterday

Apistogramma Cacatuoides breeding - YouTube

and this is the eggs I found today


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Yeah I think mine definitely love all the live food they have been getting. (Black worms, Mosquito lavae and tubifex worms)

I only bought them about a month ago at 2cm.

I will always believe that Apisto's are the most overlooked gems of the Aquarium world.

Agreed. Live food + rain coming seems to be the way to get them breeding. Would also be interested to know more about your setup, mine are on sand and about 100 Indian almond leaves (cheers martib).

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Thanks :)

It's a little 60ltr with white sand (PH) neutral, I have no leaves or detritus to add tannin. The ph is around 6.5 and i'm not sure what the other parameters are.

I'm growing quite a few mosses and letting the algae on the glass grow, which should provide some infusoria for the fry.

Oh and the update is that Mum decided to eat the babies and fry.... :(

Next I might remove all the fish and raise at least one batch and then let them learn to raise their own fry.

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