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Introductory Special:- Blackwater - Uses - Breeding Trigger and Bio-types explained

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Below the Introductory Special you will find a explanation on the uses and breeding.




There are 3 main uses for blackwater.

1. Gives a natural Environment for the fish.

2. Bio-Type tank.

3. Spawning Trigger.

Natural Environment

Although we like to have a clear tank for us to view, this would not be the preference of the fish or pet itself. When you look at the regions that a lot fish come from it does not resemble how most tanks are kept. If you would like to give your fish a environment similar to where it comes from being organic tannin water blackwater extract can be ideal.


Or if you are looking at making your tank stand out with a bio type it can be the little extra that makes the difference.

Here is a great link where George Farmer sets up another smash hit of an Amazonian biotope tank - this time recreating the life and décor of the Rio Nanay.

How to set up an Amazon themed aquarium | Features | Practical Fishkeeping

Spawning Trigger

There is usually a number of ways of triggering fish to spawn and where possible recreate what they do in nature. There is good information in the front section of Back to Nature Guide to L-Numbers with the habitat where they live. There is a number of good articles on it. If you do a search you will find a variety of information.


Dry and Rainy Seasons in the aquarium

For the L-Number fanatics this is one that I found very useful.

Dry and Rainy Seasons in the Tank - plecoplanet Forums

When you want to breed you fish one of the first things that you need to do is locate where it is found in nature and a lot of the locations are blackwater tributaries, estuaries and rivers. Some add the blackwater in the dry season and some add it in the wet season. A lot of breeders will not give out all the secrets in how to breed them but a lot have gone through the process from what is written in the above links and playing with the answers to find out what makes a particular species breed.

On my website I have the Aquasonic Amazon, Brightwell Aquatics Blackwater and also the that I have a introductory special on till the end of month - it may be extended depending on the demand.

There are a few things that I like about the introductory special version it seems to give a darker more concentrated version of the Blackwater and a few of the ingredients are Peat, Sphagnum Moss, Iandian Almond Leaf, Beach Almond Leaf which also has the medicinal natural uses. It is good when used with plants and assists in the growth and development of plants too. When I tested it I was impressed with the results and is priced extremely well.

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i got some from techy a couple weeks ago, just started using it with our peps, no eggs yet, lol, but a few days after i added it to my system both my lf albino males were fanning eggs, one lot is still with the male, the second lot just got tails in my tumbler, in the last 3 months i've had 6 fry from them and now it looks like i've got 20+ in the tumbler now,

can't prove it was this that did it, but i'm happy,

brenda i asked techy about the dosage rate and he told me its depending on how dark you want your water to be, but i'm sure he will add more to that when he gets here, :)

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Yes dosage is personal and a bit like cordial, some like it strong and some like it weak.

If it was a Bio-Type tank that is a bit easier as it is just to sight. If you are looking at the breeding side then the best thing to do would be look up where the fish come from ie do they come from the Amazon. Then have a look at the Amazon in Upper or Lower region depending where they are from and slowly add the black water to get a similar effect. Usually when you add it for the first time being a concentrate add a small amount at a time as the fish probably have not been use to either and watch the activity as you should also see changes in the fishes behavior too. Slow and steady would be the rule. Add a small amount and check it in an hour or so and add accordingly.

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There are a few things that will help trigger different fish like temperature. I also feel that with water changes help and with the balckwater it assists with giving the change from tannin water to fresh and vice versa rather than fresh water to fresher water. Some people are getting good results with the addition of blackwater.

In some area's of nature the wet season brings on the flushing of tannin water depending on where they are located in the river system.

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Well this is what Steve n Jules mentioned with the spawning of their fish.


yep, its great, 40+ peps, 30+ lf albinos, 60+ common (from 1 log), now i'm hoping it will get my 202s going, (if i have a pair lol)

thats just from 3 logs, :)

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Tech Den,

As the special is finished what will be new price or are you holding the special for a while

Will hold the price at $30 for 2 Liters as long as we can, when the price goes up, will have not alternative but to pass that on. The price and word of mouth of how good it is, is getting the product going. Unfortunately I can not give you an exact time but will be trying to keep it at that price for as long as possible.

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