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What causes bloat in peps

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Just go sparing on the hikari. I feed one big one per huge male, half each for a smaller pair, or one to a dozen 3 to 4cm and one to 20 in fry.

They are big gluttons and the swollen bellies might just be gluttony on the cucumber. Never had any die from veg feeding and over eating.

You could intersperse the hikari with a bit of techdens catfish and loach pellets? Just saves feeding so much of the same old same old. Variety is good.

How about a new bit of driftwood maybe? They are like kids in a lolly shop and should swarm all over it.

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Ok ill pick up some more drift wood. Should I starve for a few days???

I have about 15 bubs in a 2x15x15. Moved them from four foot with that tank water and a filter I was using on my six foot last night. Mainly to qt and monitor. Also makes freqent w/cs easy :)

Ps havnt feed at all since I started this thread two days ish ago. Picking up some algae wafers tomoz.

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