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EOI CO2 PRO Carbon Dioxide Injection Type 1 0.82L

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I bought this 2nd hand about a month ago to do some plant growing.

I have now decided just to stick to fish (wish I had thought that before I got it).

I have not had the chance to set it up and is currently taking up space. The two thing missing that it would seem I have miss placed is the bubble counter which luckily is not an expensive item - a whopping $3.95 at Guppies on line and for it to be filled. Filling info is shown on the Ebay link below. ($10-$15)

On the up side it comes with a dupla diffuser which I was told when I got it was about $80 worth.

Brand new this unit would be round the $400 mark with the diffuser.

I would look at swapping for Bristle nose caties adult - sub adult in Long Fin, Orange Spot or Peppermints only.

This is the location of pretty much the same item on Ebay and has a better discription.

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Aquarium-AQ-CO2- ... 1|294%3A30


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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