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Aandtsociety lazy beggers day out during the week collecting

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Hi all, some lazy people from the club went out during the week a while back and got some cool fish for the aquariums.

I especially like the hog fish (bodianus mesothorax) nice fish, even as an adult, can be a bit nasty to the little aquarium pets.

Of course an old faithful for a tank, another long nose (forcipiger flavissimus) nice fish to have in a reef tank nibbling away at those pesky little crabs as such, before they get to big.

There were also a couple of anthias caught, not my favourite, they require regular feeding, pretty though.

If you like there is a scuba and snorkelling trip two days later to check out if you want on the following link, than click on( during the week snorkel and scuba dive to moreton island reefs and Rufus king wreck dive thread).

http://southeastqueenslanda.aforumfree. ... a-life-f5/

these are the pics




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